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Dr. Dan Shapero, D.C.

Dr. Dan Shapero, D.C. | Shapero Chiropractic San Francisco

Dr. Dan Shapero graduated from Life West Chiropractic College and has been serving San Francisco with unique chiropractic care at Shapero Chiropractic in the financial district since 1998. Believing that it is better to offer different techniques to suit patients, as opposed to having the patient fit one style, Dr. Shapero helps his patients resolve their concerns in a timely and holistic manner. He created an individualized approach to core strengthening which can help with chronic back issues, sports performance as well as reducing potential back injuries.

Dr. Shapero is a native Californian and he found Northern California, in particular San Francisco, the place where he wanted to live. Upon moving to San Francisco, he discovered the Koret Center, and it quickly became his sanctuary. While attending school, playing basketball and running with the USF team on Saturdays became his stress relievers. After helping numerous players on the team, the USF Sports Medicine department enlisted his experience in 2004 to treat athletes from other sports as well.